Two Cheap Insulin Alternatives for Diabetes

The Indians, among other Asians, and Latin Americans have been planting and nourishing themselves of natural insulin vegetables and glucose regulating food for a long time. Your diabetes medication is ready for pick-up at a Mexican store near you.

Several in vivo rat, feline, canine, and human studies are documented to prove this. If only you, and several others would spread the word of the latest researches in what nature has to offer, we don’t have to watch rich socialites obliviously spend on insulin injectibles as the poor go blind and clock their deathbed, wait for billion-dollar funded synthetic medications to come up with a cure or join a jogging marathon for a cause we don’t really know much about. Time has come to alleviate yourself and your loved ones from the risk of developing glucose intolerance, eventually diabetes, and costly insulin shots.

Bitter Melon, natural insulin

Bitter gourd, Karela, Karolla, Momordica charantia, balsam pear, whichever floats your boat. They all pertain to the same green long rough textured vine that is bitter in taste, crawling in the tropical regions of the world. Who would have thought that a dirt-cheap less than 5 USD per pound vegetable would be able to regulate sugar levels?

In 1999, a Bangladeshi clinical trial was conducted to examine the effect of Momordica charantia on 100 patients with Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) or Type 2 Diabetes. The researchers recorded the patients’ sugar levels both without food intake for 12-24 hours and after taking 75g of glucose. They then administered a bitter melon pulp suspension to diabetic patients and 86 out of the 100 responded to the vegetable intake, showing a significant 14% reduction in fasting and post-meal serum glucose levels.

A recent 2004 study at the Devi Ahilya University in India proved to have the same positive effects, where 15 men and women with Type 2 Diabetes between the ages of 52 and 65 took 200mg extracted constituents of bitter melon together with half doses of either Metformin or Glibenclamide or a combination of both. The result was a blood glucose level lower (hypoglycemia) than what patients may acquire from taking full doses of Metformin or Glibenclamide. It was likewise concluded that the vegetable may enhance the hypoglycemic effect of the drugs should they continue to use these prescription drugs. Several rat and hamster trials taking Momordica charantia alone also yielded good results in regulating glucose levels although animal studies may not always hold true in humans.

How Bitter Melon works

Bitter Melon

There are a myriad of phytochemicals present in bitter melon and at least three different groups of extracted components have been reported to regulate and lower blood glucose levels. These involve glucoside, a steroidal saponin-like substance called charantin; alkaloids called momordicine that supress neural response to sweet taste stimuli; and peptides mimicking the action of animal insulin. As of July 2006, Liva Harinantenaina and a group of Japanese researchers confirmed that the major pure cucurbutanoid compounds of bitter melon possess hypoglycemic effects on blood glucose levels. There is still a lingering obsurity on which of these is most effective, if not all working synergistically. All these may be a perfect addition to your diet much like the next vegetable, or cactus?

Prickly Pear Cactus

If you haven’t looked intently at the Mexican flag, a prickly pear cactus with its red-orange grandiose blossoms is where the eagle at the center is proudly perched on. For centuries, indigenous groups of South America and the southern part of the United States depended on this plant for nourishment. Also called nopal, nopalitos, and nopales, this cactus, of genus Opuntia, is consumed by the Aztec tribe and other locals in various forms to control or even potentially cure Type 2 Diabetes as long ago as the 15th and 16th centuries. Ask your Latin friend, he or she might have stories of the plant’s wonders.

Prickly Pear Mystery

There still lies a big question mark in a pharmacological point of view surrounding the plant’s mechanism on how it plays a role in glucose metabolism. Unlike the chemical constitutents found in bitter melon, whichever constituent found in the cactus that affects the glucose remains unclear.

Alberto Frati-Munari, one of the prickly pear research pioneers, concluded in one of his team’s studies that the number of cactus stems consumed are relevant to having long-term hypoglycemic effects in diabetic patients. He also suggested that the effect of Continue to Page 2

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Paola Díaz Aragón

    nopal nota

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 shahadat

    Thank you so much for this valuable information, friend! It is true, My mother’s insulin levels have been regulated by bitter Melon.

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 Antonio Magalhaes

    Dear Friends,
    You are absolutely correct!
    Here in Brazil we call it Japanese mellon or sweet cucumber!
    As far as prickly pear cactus, is it not the one that we call babosa and it is called internationally the cactus for Aloe Vera

  4. Gravatar Icon 4 susan




  5. Gravatar Icon 5 Davey

    my father had been drinking tea (Charantea) since he had discovered he has diabetes. he was really reluctant in taking any oral medications so we tried resorting to a tea type. although the data we had observed were quite subjective, he stated that he felt well after few months drinking tea together with his diet which is low in sugar alone and quite high in carbo.

  6. Gravatar Icon 6 healthynerd

    Hi Davey, thanks for sharing your anecdotal experience. I think it pretty much boils down to the brand being the variable, if you choose to take the molecule compounds instead of the whole vegetable. I might be making a follow-up article on this and recommend which brands to choose from or what to look for when buying.

  7. Gravatar Icon 7 mohd hafiz bin jalaluddin

    i’m from malaysia and lunch PRIA CAFE,coffe mixed with bitter melon.
    if you want to be dealer just contect me at

  8. Gravatar Icon 8 cordel barker

    thank you for this chance to say that i have heard of bitter melon since i was small, now i understand the importance of this fruit. i live in canada and this almost unheard of. once again i thank you,now if you could send me any imformation where it is sold i will be very happy.

  9. Gravatar Icon 9 Sheik Md Jalal Uddin

    I am suffering from dabetics.
    Is rice ok for diabete ?
    How measure ?

  10. Gravatar Icon 10 Dr.B.Saraswathy B.S.M.S.,M.D.,

    all diabetic patients should eat bitter melon(pagar kai)
    it greatly reduce the serum glucose level.

  11. Gravatar Icon 11 Lois Widly

    Where can recipes be found using bitter mellon
    We put it in a blender and added grape juice. Not too bad

  12. Gravatar Icon 12 Hazel Balcaen

    I live in a small town near Prince George BC Canada. Where can I buy ”

    bitter mellon ?

  13. Gravatar Icon 13 Iris Siu

    Bitter melon is sold everywhere in Vancouver, BC, especially in the Chinese grocery. It’s cheap in Crystal Mall in Burnaby too. It’s about 1.70 a pound.
    It is a popular dish in the Chinese restaurant. My husband often orders it when dine out.
    Bitter melon (sliced or diced , softened by boiling)cooked with beef(sliced thin,seasoned with soy sauce, starch, sugar ), preserved black bean, and minced garlic.
    Now I don’t stir fry with cooking oil any more. I just add little water when cooking(half cup of water). when everything is cooked I add one to two table spoon of extra virgin olive to the beef and bitter melon, just like adding olive oli to salad . The bitter melon tastes even better the next day. Let bitter melon( food) be your medicine. My dog loves it too.

  14. Gravatar Icon 14 Suresh

    Thanks for sharing the info.

  15. Gravatar Icon 15 rose

    I have p.c.o syndrome and am trying to get pregnant, one reason for pco can be insulin resistance. Any ideas? I also live in England and have no idea where to get theses things. thanks

  16. Gravatar Icon 16 Vee

    In response to the post above:

    Hi, Rose!

    In answer to your question, try the Nutri Centre in London.

    They will be able to help you.

    Best wishes

  17. Gravatar Icon 17 S.Lakshminarayanan

    We are chennai based food products manufacturer.
    We focus the Diebatics to provide a host of products with high fiber, rich in Preotein & Nil Cholestrol.It is available in Chennai.
    They are
    All products are in powder form has a shelf life of 12 months.
    100 %vegetarian.
    HOTCHILLI – 044-9380244480 / 044- 9952992676

  18. Gravatar Icon 18 Hector Reyes Jr.

    I am very interested in the fasting physiopathology of Nopal. Where can I find out more? The literature states that pectin among other fibers form a paste inside the intestines to slow the absorption of carbohydrates yet also lowers fasting glucose as well… How!!

  19. Gravatar Icon 19 rangarajan

    I am diabetic with varied reading from 160 to 240 2hrs after meals.when I take Gemer 1mg prescribed, the reading will be 150. I am very confident to keep the glucose level normal by taking bitter melon.Small round shaped one will be more beneficial ,pl confirm.

  20. Gravatar Icon 20 Surendra Mohnot

    Another important and effective way to reduce serum glucose level is to eat Jamun (Syzgium cumini) fruit and take a spoonful of powder of its dried seed (fruit-stone).

    Jambul or Jamun or Jamblang is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae, native to India, Pakistan and Indonesia. It is also grown in other areas of southern and southeastern Asia including the Philippines, Myanmar, and Afghanistan. The tree was also introduced to Florida, USA in 1911 by the USDA, and is also now commonly planted in Suriname. In Brazil, where it was introduced from India during Portuguese colonization, it has dispersed spontaneously in the wild in some places, as its fruits are eagerly sought by various native birds such as thrushes, tanagers and the Great Kiskadee.

  21. Gravatar Icon 21 S Nuckcheddy

    It’s more like a question than a reply.

    2 hours after light dinner (taken at 7 p.m.) I went for 90 minutes moderate walk after which my blood sugar level read 102. I didn’t take any thing to eat or drink except some water. In the morning, still fasting, my blood sugar level read 151. I am not taking any medication so far. Is there a way of reducing this blood sugar level below 100 without pharmaceutical medication. I really fear those medication steps.

    Thanks for a response

  22. Gravatar Icon 22 Arthur

    Thank you so much for the life enhancing data.Diabetes is a slow killer.Am gonna pass word round of this wonder plant.Thank you.

  23. Gravatar Icon 23 David

    Hi, Im interrested in the bitter melon and other remedies for diabetes. I live in Sweden. Does anyone know where I can get hold of them around here?

  24. Gravatar Icon 24 Varma

    Go to any Indian Grocery store, or some thing like Laos, Thiland, Burma or similar stores. If You cook it on low heat with Olive Oil…it taste great and its not even bitter. Good Luck.

  25. Gravatar Icon 25 vgn


  26. Gravatar Icon 26 MotherHelp

    Please help My mother suger level is alway very high please help where can I find bitter Melon in USA especially in Oklahoma State.

  27. Gravatar Icon 27 Heidi

    Hello Everyone, bitter melon is number one favorite veggie of mine.My iron is very low, calcuim is low.. etc.My blood pressure got too low. I forgot living in Canada, never think of bitter melon as my daily vegetables as I don’t see them in a small town grocery stores usually, until I realized talking to my mother, bitter melon is the best medicine when we grew up in the Philippines. Grandmother had them in our garden and cook it like mushrooms.I now make a trip to the bigger cities to buy bitter melons like at Superstore,Lob Laws,Whole Sale Store they often have them.And tons in the Chinese grocery stores (T&T) and just found out tons of them at the East Indian grocery stores.Any Asians stores.
    The picture above is yet the very best, I guess as my grandmother said the bitter it is – is the best yet!
    How I cook?, if no time to stir fry, I grill it just to soften it, remove the seeds,slice, squeeze with little salt(once,if too better for you do it more) to get rid of the bitterness, then add little venigar,onions, hot pepper if you like and serve.(just like a salad) very delicious.
    Another thing: Stir fry with beef,or eggs, very good.
    The Philippine dish is Penakbet with eggs,shirmp paste,okra,beef,squash,onions,etc. Really delicious.
    Good Luck!

  28. Gravatar Icon 28 Margie Secord

    the best way to take Bitter Mellon for medication is to eat it Raw. It’s bitter, but no after taste. I juice it, put dash of salt. Or cut it as desirreable, remove the seeds, eat it with salad dressing of your choise. If you want to cook it, cook it(stir fry or grill) quickly, so it still crunchy. Eat fresh is better. I only cook of one day of 2 servings maximum. But I now prefer eat it fresh or drink the juice.
    Good luck.

  29. Gravatar Icon 29 Cleo

    Thank you very much for the info. i have a bgl of 440 and am threatened with permanenet dependence upon insulin injections. I will try the bitter melon, cactus and (I am told) brussel sprouts.

    Thanks for giving me hope

  30. Gravatar Icon 30 HKLNDN

    Hi: I currently live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (I’m American) and have been fascinated by bitter gourd ever since hearing about it from a friend in town. It is used frequently in curries and vegetable stir fries where it can lose its value by being overcooked and drowned in oil. It is great to use to make a simple soup with bitter gourd, spinach, red bell pepper, squash, onion, hot chiles, rice vinegar, and jaggery (pure palm sugar) and/or carrots to reduce the bitterness. Any other veggies that sound good could be added as well. I grind everything up in the food processor and heat to a light simmer and turn off to preserve the vitamins. Delicious and healthy. Bitter gourd is also very good for cleansing the kidneys and liver. Enjoy!

  31. Gravatar Icon 31 Satjit Singh

    The best medicine for Diabetics is raw Bitter melon, or bitter gaurd, India Name KARELA. Slice it raw lenth wise in two pieces, then microwave for 2 minutes. Stuff mith anything and eat.

  32. Gravatar Icon 32 rachel

    my bsl have been in the upper 300 my friend from india told me about karela and even brought me some. he swears by it and all the benefits it brings.He told me to peel the skin away quarter it and let sit over night in water and drink in the morning. Any thoughts or suggestions.

  33. Gravatar Icon 33 DAve

    I am Type 2 inslin dependent take shots twice daily will bitter melon help control my sugar a little better. May reduce my inslin intake

  34. Gravatar Icon 34 Jean

    Hi Dave & Rachel…try the bitter melon…it works…I am sure it works…No harm trying. I am currently a student of Pharmacy in Volgograd state medical university, Russian Federation. I am from Malaysia, doing research in this plant & introducing the benefits of it to the Russians!

  35. Gravatar Icon 35 ????

    ? ???? ? ??????,? ??????.? ???? ?????? bitter melon ? ????????.1000 ????. ????????.

  36. Gravatar Icon 36 ????

    ? ???? ? ??????,? ??????.? ???? ?????? bitter melon ? ????????.1000 ????. ????????.

  37. Gravatar Icon 37 Humlo McThayus

    Hi, I am an insulin dependant diabetic and live in the South of Ireland, can anyone point me to a supplier of bitter Melons in Ireland, or can someone supply me with a pure powdered bitter Melons and is there a European equivalant for the Bitter melon.

  38. Gravatar Icon 38 SIVA


  39. Gravatar Icon 39 catriona annis

    Denis Stewart, a natural therapist, who has type 2 diabetes, is a manufacturer and supplier of bitter melon powder. It can be used by the teaspoonful and I sprinkle it on my porridge along with cinnamon powder. His company is called southern cross herbals and is available in australia. no doubt he will send it overseas. there is a web page on it.

    i have had type 2 diabetes for 7 years and my BS readings are still in normal range. I also do 30 mins running/day on exercise machine.

  40. Gravatar Icon 40 juan

    banana more insulin thats the real

  41. Gravatar Icon 41 mike

    thats true banana more insulin

  42. Gravatar Icon 42 kris jamel

    insulin tablets is the best of diabetes type 1 and type 2…you know from now. diabetes is no poblem Jesus is the answer.always hope.

  43. Gravatar Icon 43 Syed

    Hey SIVA you are talking about A1C blood test but 150 – 200 blood sugar count using self home blood sugar testing kit for everyday blood sugar level testing. You appeared to have Type 2 Diabetes and here is what you need to do, take Bitter Mellon juice. Go to any Indian or Pakistani, Afghani grocer store they sell em. Take about 3 to 4 pieces cut em in half long, remove the seeds and extract juice in the juicer. 4 oz minimum before meal twice a day. No bread or white rice and definitely no processed or fried foods, no sugar products. You may be able to eat fruits such as Mango, Water Mellon, Orange etc, etc. A little bit of everything make sure do not load up a lot. As long as you avoid white rice and bread your blood sugar will be approx 100 or less with in minutes after taking the meal. Bitter Mellon also kills stomach worms, kills cancer cells, HIV cells, increases blood circulation, helps men with Impotancy and lower blood pressure. If Bitter Mellon is not available you may use Green Beans (String Beans) and Brussels Sprouts or Green Beans and Jerusalem Artichoke juice em at least 10 oz every morning empty stomach. Juice equally each vegetable.

  44. Gravatar Icon 44 Giorgio

    Does anyone have proof or references that Bitter Melon, actually is INSULIN. Ie Plant Insulin. Real references please.

  45. Gravatar Icon 45 Liz

    Syed, thanks for the information.

    Rather than juicing, is it ok to put the raw bitter melon in a blender with a cup or 2 of water and then drink it?

  46. Gravatar Icon 46 healthynerd staff

    Hi, Liz. Yes, it is perfectly fine to mix it with water or juice. Just make sure you remove the seeds, especially if you are pregnant.

    You can try it with salad dressings for your salad in case you get tired of the direct intake from the blender.

    Another convenient way is to take the pill form of bitter melon. What you need to look for is the % (percentage) of “Bitter Principles” at the back of the label. The higher the percentage concentration, the greater chances of glucose regulation.

    You may try the Nature’s Herbs brand from iHerb: We are offering a 5$ free coupon for your first iHerb purchase, just use the code MOL199 at checkout.

    Otherwise, you may look at other online stores like VitaCost or LuckyVitamin. Best of health!

  47. Gravatar Icon 47 bob

    You can get the bitter melon easy by taking bitter melon extract capsules.Its really lower your blood glucose.

    Im from Malaysia and its easy to find bitter melon extract here…

    If anybody interested with it please contact me I will send it to anywhere in the worlds…

  48. Gravatar Icon 48 manny villanueva

    We have ampalaya capsules in the Philippines. Would like to help supply anyone interested.

  49. Gravatar Icon 49 colon detox

    My dad has type 2 diabetes. He manages diabetes through Diet and Exercise and alo by taking food supplements like Alpha Lipoic acid which helps in preventing nerve damage. He also takes Chromium which helps in the regulation of blood sugar.

  50. Gravatar Icon 50 Natural Treatment For Beautiful Complexion

    Nice article you may also line

  51. Gravatar Icon 51 | Acne Treatment and Medication

    Diabetes may finally have a cure through extensive stem cell research. But for now, diabetes can only be managed by drugs or food supplements that controls blood sugar. I take Alpha Lipoic acid and Chromium because they are helpful in regulating blood sugar.

  52. Gravatar Icon 52 ~ Melatonin Sleep Aid

    the standard treatment for diabetes is Metformin but i also try to use alternative medicine in controlling diabetes. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Charantia seems to work well too against diabetes.

  53. Gravatar Icon 53 | Melatonin Supplement Information

    You can always manage Diabetes by proper diet and nutrition. Food supplements also help slow down some of the side effects of high blood sugar.

  54. Gravatar Icon 54 Watch Bleach

    Hi, i just thought i’d post and let you that your blog looks a bit crazy on the Dinct browser. Anyhow keep up the good work.

  55. Gravatar Icon 55 Anxietygirl

    Most people get Diabetes because of the lack of exercise and overeating. We should be more aware of our lazy lifestyles and start exercising regulary to avoid Type II Diabetes.

  56. Gravatar Icon 56 Caramoan

    Diabetes can be prevented by just having a physically active lifestyle. Just exercise everyday and avoid eating too much. Avoid sweets and high carb foods too.

  57. Gravatar Icon 57 Avner jos

    Hi all,

    The first thing I would suggest to dibetes patients is if you can digest your food properly then you will not face this problem, now as per Ayurveda the digestion of food starts in your mouth not in stomach so chew the food (each bite) atleast 15 times you will break the sugar in your mouth so half the battle is won.
    Yes, the Bitter gourd (Karela in hindi) a native Indian sub continent vegetable is a common vegetable in any Indian home, known for its medicinal properties in tackling dibetes. Apart from this vegetable there are other two fruits namely Jamun (indian black berry) & Methi (fenugreek seeds. Try these three and a morning brisk walk for 40-45 minutes. Very effective in controling the sugar levels, as I have personally benifited


  58. Gravatar Icon 58 kit schulte

    What is the recipe for the cactus tea? Thanks

  59. Gravatar Icon 59 shelly patricksa

    my husband also a diabetes can bitter gours cure him, any advice? Thank you.

  60. Gravatar Icon 60 Lane Mohorovich

    Great website, I recently came across it and I am already a fan. I just dropped 30 pounds in 30 days, and I want to share my weight loss success with as many people as possible. If I can lose weight then any one can. Whatever you do, never quit and you WILL attain all your weight loss goals!

  61. Gravatar Icon 61 Jenee Milius

    Extremely interesting blog post thanks for writing it I have added your blog to my bookmarks and will check back :) By the way this is off subject but I really like your sites layout.

  62. Gravatar Icon 62 evergreen tree care

    We loved your writing, keep at it for us all!

  63. Gravatar Icon 63 Margert Glenna

    This blog is very helpful for me to select the right product.

  64. Gravatar Icon 64 Dave Junka

    Hey there, so good to see that Bitter Melon is getting out there for all of us who are at the doorstep of type two diabetes. I started growing this rather invasive vine last summer and I started cooking with the fruit. Much to my amazement, my A-1c had dropped by a full point after 3 months. I, of course have added exercise to my daily habits and fill my snacks with almonds, fruits and veggies.
    The bitter melon is almost addictive and I now crave the taste. I love to eat salmon with fresh roasted bitter melon and onions smothering the top. It’s about time we get back to our “roots” (pardon the pun) and rely on our own backyards for solutions! Keep up the good work … spreading the word! Dave

  65. Gravatar Icon 65 Theresa Voliva

    Your internet site is really great. I think there is a lot of info that is particular to your internet site. I am really pleased that you decided to share the information here on your web site. Do you take a long time maintaining it up to date?

  66. Gravatar Icon 66 BARNABAS


  67. Gravatar Icon 67 Ampalaya

    Bitter melon has certain compunds that help lower blood sugar. But aside from eating Ampalaya or Bitter Melon, one should also learn how to control their lifestyle, exercise daily, eat a balanced diet.

  68. Gravatar Icon 68 Louis Price

    diabetes is a serious disease but it can be avoided by having an physically active lifestyle-‘,

  69. Gravatar Icon 69 Corey Androde

    loved this post!

  70. Gravatar Icon 70 Akedda

    I live in the Caribbean. Bitter Melon is known to us as Caraille. I have been able to eat it raw as you would a relish. I slice, sprinkle with a little salt and then add to a salad or just eat it like that. I guess it is an acquired taste but hell, if it works,,,it works. It is also very nice with beef and rice.

  71. Gravatar Icon 71 sabir rashid

    I have tried bitter melon but found it ineffective. I have been on oral medication since the last 18 years yet to find some thing realy magical to control this painful desease. God help all those suffering.

  72. Gravatar Icon 72 ฟีโรโมน

    It’s great to check out web sites along with information and thanks a lot for the discuss which you’ve given. Usually, I’m very stunned, but etc…

  73. Gravatar Icon 73 Eliz

    My husband is diabetic and has ben out of work and now has just told me he lost his licence due to having to use insulin. And he is a truck driver . therefore we have had no imcome and my job cant keep up with the bills. I really dont know what to do.

  74. Gravatar Icon 74 lenell

    A student of mine gave me the bitter melon that has been dried and I make tea with it, not only do I have more energy but I am also loosing weight. I am diabetic and my surgars are doing much better. I havent had my triglycerides tested yet but I hear that it helps with that as well. Hoping to get off all the pills and get back to enjoying life.

  75. Gravatar Icon 75 Thermostatic Shower 

    diabetes can really cause lots of health complications which are damaging.”~

  76. Gravatar Icon 76 Hui Seiver

    I have been trying to get in touch with you but I can’t seem to find the correct email address ….

  77. Gravatar Icon 77 PCSO Lotto Draw Results ·

    diabetes is of course a nasty disease and it could be avoided by just having good exercise .

  78. Gravatar Icon 78 david g

    Hi just found this site while researching natural diabetes treatments,i am an acupuncture practitioner currently updating quals have had N I D diabetes for 15 years with BGL levels of 12+ over 3 mths although they have come down to 8 a while back i decided to stop medication and they went back up. this showed me that i had to take western med again which i am doing but with 2 TCM formulas as well.I had heard that fenegreek and bitter melon had great potential so i have started today to take fenegreek to see how it goes without the western as it is contra indicated with one of the tabs i take. you must be mindful that it depends a lot on wether you are type 1 or 2 as to how the effect of many herbal trts will be as some will not be suitable for type 1 and great for type 2 and also if you suffer more with hypo low bgls some herbs are definately not foR you.
    for anyone interested the BGL’s should according to my Doctors should be between 5 and 8 and while this is what i have been told personal experience tells me that anything lower that 4.5 and i start to go into HYPO I guess it depends on body type as well i’m very tall but it effects me at this level whereas someone else may go into hypo at an even lower reading. this is definately not to be tested as hypo’s can lead to coma and even
    death.TCM yhas been around for a long time and the classics talk about diabetes as the thining and wasting disease or XIAO KE and i’m sure that there were many sucessfully treated patients in ancient china but with the opening of china to the west the fast food diet has become epidemic in it’s effect and the increase in XIAO KE is increasing because the chinese population has adapted to eating non traditional diet and are starting to see the conseqences of doing is interesting to note that caffine will cause dramatic drops in BGL’s about an hour after eating but as coffee and cola drinks are basically poisons don’t try this for your BGL’s.

    david g

    will keep you posted on my progress

  79. Gravatar Icon 79 Dave Junka

    Well, had to lay off the bitter melon for a time and found out how much I was relying on it! Had a bout with gall bladder problems and had to have it removed this past summer.
    Sugar levels without exerise, bitter melon and a well balanced diet, went through the roof … Hope to soon get back into shape! Dave Junka

  80. Gravatar Icon 80 catrn

    Love this site, I am eager to research prickly pear, fenugreek, and brussel sprouts. The ways of our ancestors were for a reason

  81. Gravatar Icon 81 Beverly fabria

    i am diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. i was too depressed upon knowing my illness, from 295 it goes down to 145 after a month eating and juicing ampalaya. Now, it is become a necessity of my body. . . i love it and it helps me a lot.

  82. Gravatar Icon 82 ashok

    drinking bitter gourd boiled water every morning,possible eating raw bitter gourd very good health

  83. Gravatar Icon 83 ashok

    as you grow with this life style one chance of diabetics is more so eat bitter gourd raw and try that u will know what we are taking about good for your kideny, sugar level and ultimately for good health

  84. Gravatar Icon 84 derek

    The date today is 9.7.11 I live in the uk is there a supplier here or can I discuss bringing over bitter melon.
    is there a capsule form and if so is it effective, as some cure lose something when processed?

  85. Gravatar Icon 85 name

    am consuming biter gaurd juice ( cutt in to small pices and make it boiled ) drink the water !! will this tupe of consumption will help me reduce the blood sugar level.

    or do i need to comnsumre raw bitter gaurd jucie?

    Please advice

  86. Gravatar Icon 86 Jeremy

    Raw is the best way to use it. I mke a smoothie using it cucumbers, beets, chard and stevia. Earthy but it does the trick.

  87. Gravatar Icon 87 Allen

    I noticed the post by the wife of the truck driver… That is one of the worst occupations I know for ones health. No excercise and food at most truck stops is very unhealthy. I quit driving truck when I discovered I have diabetes. It’s tough, but one has to find a more healthy lifestyle.

  88. Gravatar Icon 88 Des

    Where can I buy Bitter Melon in Ireland?

  89. Gravatar Icon 89 Andrew

    Hi, Des, you can buy it at or at iHerb ships to Ireland at a very low price: Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!

  90. Gravatar Icon 90 Disgusted Type I Diabetic

    If you are a type II diabetic and not yet dependent on insulin, 99% of the time you just need to follow an exercise regimen and proper balanced diet. Yes that means absolutely no fast food. Yes that means walking. Yes that means reading a nutrition label and avoiding packaged foods as well as artificial sweetners. Above all that means no soda.

    You know what regulates blood glucose? HEALHTY LIVING.

    If you are a type I diabetic like myself, there is no other option but insulin and no magical plant supplement will prevent you from dying. So don’t give me this noise about greedy corporations peddling synthetic products. Be glad as a type II diabetic you only have to concern yourself with living in a healthful way and not the additional woes of insulin treatment.

    Quite your complaining, there is no cure all plant or pill that will regulate blood sugar and allow you to continue to live like a sloven lazy beast.

    Pull yourself together, be thankful you have the choice to improve your lifestyle and do the diet and exercise. The byproduct might be looking better in less clothing and living longer.

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    knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!

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