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Crispy Cones, a healthy fast food

Chicken Teriyaki imageWorld-renowned chef and food stylist Nir Adar has come up with an innovative snack that is healthy, handy, easy to clean up and best of all scrumptious. He called it CrispyCones™.

All right he totally got me for a time. I thought the idea originated from him until I’ve realized that it was first conceived almost three decades ago. It’s also probably safe to claim this as a tweaked version of Latin America’s burrito or the Middle East’s shawarma, designed with the consumer in mind.
Then came Konopizza which hails from Italy, and another company which has been hitting the streets of Seoul in Korea.

You still might be wondering, “WTF? Are you kidding me? I don’t eat pizza in a freaking cone.”

Korean Pizza coneKONO PIZZAThe simple concept is to play a little bit, not with a sweet waffle cone but with the same pizza dough, turn it into a cone shape and make it drip-proof.

Clean-up is a hassle when eating burgers or subs, but with food in an edible cone, consumers don’t have to complain and worry about any mess! I still give Chef Adar credit for giving it a different twist apart from the above mentioned companies.

He may not be the pioneer but he certainly brought something NEW to the table by having a healthier approach to his product. With many cone options, from the vegetarian Veggiecone to a power protein, Chicone Teriyaki, everybody is happy.

Yet again, Crispy Cones™ uses proprietary dough to which I express a healthy bit of shadiness. Certainly, it’s every food entrepreneur’s nightmare when someone steals your product concept (it’s ironically not their own to begin with anyway), but if you will provide food with the foundation of promoting health awareness, why not disclose your ingredients?
Crispy Cones’s main outlet is located at Northeast L.A. in Arcadia, Ca and has plans of nationwide expansion.

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