Jordin Sparks is Fat!

Don’t look at me. Some visual expert named Meme Roth has expressed her dismay at Jordin Sparks for not being a good role model because “apparently”, she’s not fat, but obese. Now this is some good TV, everything is going crazy at FOX News!

I’m pretty careful with the articles I write in this blog, citing sources whenever applicable. And I believe so should everybody else, especially professionals in the medical field. I didn’t see any MD attached to her name. Dietitian? Nutritionist, maybe? Her website mentions nothing but a cute slogan, “I am the picture and message of prevention…” Uh, if preventing me from getting fat is this eye-soring, sorry, ma’am, I’ll pass.

Sure, you don’t need to be an MS or have a PhD to call someone fat, as much as Rachel Ray needs no measuring cups, miraculously eyeballing all her fluid ingredients to concoct a fabulous 30-minute meal (not that I have anything against RR). However, this video clip is such a hair-pulling moment.

[youtube width=”320″ height=”240″][/youtube]

Granted, I’ve never watched American Idol since the Fantasia times, I rarely watch TV nowadays. Where was she during Reuben Studdard’s artery-clogging performance? Jordin’s probably fat, but DEFINITELY NOT obese.

Now, she’s also asserting that Jordin is at greater risk of diabetes, heart disease – greater than who? You can’t get any more fallacious and bigoted by saying someone who looks fat is at greater risk of diabetes than say, someone who looks normal but nourishes himself everyday with Big Macs and Taco Bell Burritos smothered in grease but never gets fat (ectomorphism).

I think it’s time to change NAAO‘s Philosophy. “Anything for publicity. You know the drill.” Outrageous! How’s that?

2 thoughts on “Jordin Sparks is Fat!”

  1. When I look at this Meme lady all I see is dead heart, media starvation, and possible up-turned-nose syndrome. Glad Jordin never lost the weight. She’s gorgeous, and her cholesterol levels are between her and her MD!
    Love the blog!

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